powerBridge computer expands the sales program to industrial and boxed PC's from ARBOR and PORTWELL.

We offer in-house training and lectures on selected topics for your assistance.

Artesyn demonstrates HEVC Transcoding on Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1500 Product Family in MaxCore Platform: Offers Seamless Migration Path to Future 16-Core Processors from Intel.

The current RENICE Technoloy product over view shows reliable FLASH storage solutions for industrial and safety-critical applications.


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You benefit from our experience in hundreds of industrial applications. We deliver computer systems in automation, research, medical technology, telecommunication, transportation, aero space and defence engineering for 23 years. We got the knowledge about the interaction with different products, protocols and industrial standards. And we fulfil perfectly all your EMC- and environmental requirements.
We offer in-house
training and lectures on selected topics for your assistance.




PC's and displays for technical applications and extended operating conditions

Our new Industrial PC and Display brochure offers a comprehensive overview of PCs for industrial environments, Panel PC's, Tablet PC's and PC's for extended operating conditions as well as I/O expansion cards, FPGA and Field bus solutions. Standard IPC solutions and customized or modified systems offer you cost-effective implementations and custom solutions for your applications. Our wide range software support will help you. cont.




The Future is here. Server Accelerator 2017

Our new server brochure presents a wide range of servers, industrial and box PCs as well as server accelerator modules. Energy-saving high-performance servers reduce costs and contribute to a responsible use of energy resources. Customized industrial and box PCs enable you to develop your own solutions for automation, communication, defence, imaging, and transportation applications. … cont.




Reconfigurable mPCIe FPGA Module with 26 TTL I/O / 13 Diff. I/O

The TEWS Technologies TMPE633 is a PCI Express mini card providing a user programmable Xilinx Spartan-6 LX25T FPGA. The TMPE633-10R has 26 ESD-protected TTL lines, the TMPE633-11R provides 13 differential I/O lines using EIA-422 / EIA-485 compatible, ESD-protected line transceivers and the TMPE633-12R provides 13 differential I/O lines using Multipoint-LVDS transceivers. All lines are individually programmable as input or output. … cont.




Two SFP+ 10Gigabit Ethernet Interface

The TEWS Technologies TXMC888 is a XMC module providing two channel. The SFP+ ports accept various SFP and SFP+ transceiver modules like SFP+ Direct Attach Twinaxial cable, SFP+ SFPwire Active Optical cable, SFP+ 10GBase-SR/SW / 1000Base-SX, SFP+ 10GBase-LR/LW / 1000Base-LX and SFP 1000Base-T. … cont.




Extreme Rugged Outdoor Server for Mobile Edge Computing

The ADLINK Technology Extreme Outdoor Server high-end Mobile-Edge Computing Platform is an 1U Rackmount Server with all-aluminium conduction cooled chassis that is designed for applications in a rugged outdoor RAN (Radio Access Network) network environment. The enclosure is IP65 ingress rated and is fully sealed against dust and water jets. Two 10GbE SPF+ ports, two GbE ports, two USB 2.0 ports and one RS-232 port are available in the front panel. In addition the server has two externally accessible 2.5” SATA drive bays. The Extreme Outdoor Server performs in the harsh outdoor environment with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 55°C. … cont.




High Density Compute and Media Server

The ARTESYN MaxCore Platform supports up to 616 streams of 1080p HD video, which equals over 200 streams per rack unit. Comparable server platforms claim between 90 and 110 HD video streams per rack unit, while the industry average using standard rack mount servers is 5.54 streams per rack unit. For speech transcoding, measured by G.711 to G.729 sessions, a typical standard server can support up to 4,600 per rack unit versus 31,000 per rack unit in a MaxCore platform, or 93,000 for the complete 3U system. The density and flexibility of the Artesyn MaxCore platform makes it the most cost-effective, scale-out infrastructure for video transcoding with 14 times the performance density when compared to 1U servers, up to 75 percent lower equipment cost, and over 90 percent lower power and cooling cost.
 … cont.




Off-the-Shelf High Density Video Transcoding Accelerator Card

The ARTESYN Embedded Technologies SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 high-density video accelerator enables service provider networks to offer video transcoding services quickly and dynamically. As an add-on card, the SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 offers scalable integration with existing and standard server architectures and significant increased density. Each SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 is capable of up to 44 streams of 1080p H.264 transcodes, or 4 streams of 1080p H.265/HEVC transcodes.cont.




powerBridge Computer equips the European XFEL x-ray laser with MicroTCA computer technology

Since 2009 the European XFEL x-ray laser has been under construction in northern Hamburg as an international joint venture involving 11 nations. XFEL is an underground superconducting linear accelerator with an overall installation length of 3.4 km and planned construction costs of more than one billion Euros. With exposure times under 100 femtoseconds and 27,000 images per second, it will for the first time be possible to … cont.




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