TPCI100  2 Port IndustryPack Carrier Board for PCI Bus



TPCI100  2 Port IP Carrier Board for PCI Bus


Block Diagram TPCI100


TA305-10  Connection Kit Flat cable 0,8m on both sides with 50 pin terminal connector and fitting 50pin termination block

2-fach IndustryPack Carrier Board for intelligent Module
The TPCI100 is a universal usable carrier board, for the extension of PCI based systems with IndustryPack modules. Two slots with 8/32MHz clock are available. The IP modules I/O signals are available via 50 pin ribbon cable connectors (2.54mm).

For each IP slot 8MB memory space is available. The IP slots interrupts are routed on the PCI INTA. A locale interrupt status register allows the interrupts assignment. The IP power lines are protected by self healing fuses and RF-filtered. Status LEDs on the board indicate the access (ACK) for each module, the +5V power supply as well as for all module together the +/-12V supply.

The TPCI100 uses the PCI9030 PCI controller with 32-bit 33MHz PCI interface and may run with 5V as well as 3.3V signaling voltage.

Product Specification

PCI board, 32-bit/33MHz PCI interface, PCI 2.2 compliant, 5V and 3.3V signaling

Two 8/32MHz IndustryPack slots

Routing of the IP interrupts on PCI INTA as well as on the locale interrupt status register

LEDs on the board for ACK and +5V per IP slot as well as for +/-12V power supply

Self healing fuses and RF-filters for the IP slot power supply

I/O via two 50 pin flat ribbon cable connectors (2.54mm)

PCI9030 PCI controller

-40..+85°C operating temperature range

5 years warranty



Ordering Information


2 Port IP carrier board for PCI bus



Connection kit 0.8m flat cable with terminal connectors and 50 pin terminal block


VxWorks IP Carrier Software Support


Windows XP/2000 IP Carrier Software Support


LynxOS IP Carrier Software Support


Linux IP Carrier Software Support


QNX 6 IP Carrier Software Support


TPCI100 User Manual





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