MaxCore™ IPC Platform  19" Industrial PC Platform with scalable Performance



MaxCore IPC  Platform can accommodate up to 52 Intel Core i7 Processor and can deliver up to 572 channels of 1080p30 content


MaxCore IPC  Block Diagram

Maximum Flexibility and Performance with 15 PCI Express Slots
The Artesyn Embedded Technologies MaxCore™ platform offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density. Through its use of Artesyn Technology video processing cards, Artesyn media processing PCI Express cards and 3rd party PCI Express cards, it offers maximum flexibility and maximum density.

The MaxCore IPC Platform is a 3U 19" industrial PC with 15 PCI Express slots. Up to 150W per slot is available for the 13 full-length PCIe slots and 2 half-length PCIe slots. Three power supplies deliver 2,200W at 2+ 1 redundancy. The core of the MaxCore IPC Platform is the combination of the Board Management Controller (BMC) and quad core 2.4GHz Intel Xeon D-1521 processor with up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM. Two 100/1000BaseT ports, two USB ports and two opt. 1/10GBaseT ports are on the front panel. The BMC provides complete remote management over Ethernet from power up to boot power down.

The MaxCore IPC can be configured with Artesyn M.2 SSD PCIe cards which can support four M.2 SSDs, providing up to 4 TB of storage per PCIe slot. The platform can also be configured with an optional module which supports up to four traditional SATA controllers with either 2.5”/9mm HDD or SSD devices providing 4+TB of storage per drive.

The MaxCore IPCs flexibility and performance enables a wide range of applications including image processing, surveillance video analytics, video transcoding, industrial I/O and control.

Image Processing
The MaxCore platform’s flexible PCIe architecture and large PCIe card capacity offers multiple configuration options to support a range of image processing applications. PCIe slots can be utilized to add additional compute resources, memory storage, industrial I/O and a range of industrial camera interfaces.

Surveillance Video Analytics
The MaxCore IPC platform provides a versatile Video Surveillance Edge Analytics platform. The 15 PCIe slots can be configured with additional compute resources to perform real time edge video analytics Machine Learning. The PCIe slots can also be configured with NVMe M.2 SSD’s to provide a large edge platform storage capacity.

Video Transcoding
The MaxCore IPC platform offers a low cost, flexible video transcoding platform. Artesyn offers a range of video accelerator and video transcoding accelerator PCIe cards with can be configured within the 15 PCIe slots offered by the MaxCore IPC. This range of accelerators cards and the large number of PCIe slots offers a flexible and versatile video transcoding platform.

Industrial I/O and Control Systems
For management of automation control systems, the MaxCore IPC’s processor and large PCIe slot capacity allows the platform to be configured for variety of applications. This can simplify control system configuration management as one industrial PC can be used across a range of functions and applications. The MaxCore platform also has the capacity to add functionality as your automation needs grow and evolve.

The MaxCore IPC can run on either Linux or Windows operating systems.

Product Specification

3U 19" Server, 508 mm depth

15 PCIe slots, full heigth:
8 full size slots with PCIe x8 Gen3
5 full size slots with PCIe x4 Gen3 via x8 connector
1 half lengthslots with PCIe x4 Gen3 via x8 connector
1 half length slots with PCIe x4 Gen2 via x8 connector

Quad Core 2.4GHz Intel Xeon D-1521 CPU with up to 128GB DDR4 RAM

Two 100/1000Base-T and opt. two 1/10GBaseT front panel ports

Two USB front panel ports

NVMe SSD support via PCIe Carrier cards

Opt. up to four 2.5”/9mm SATA storage devices

BMC with 100% remote management over Ethernet from power up to boot power down

2+1 redundant rear accessible 1100W 90 - 230VAC power supplies

Up to 150 watts can be provided for each PCIe slot

Integrated PCI Express Gen 3.0 switch

Network interface is configurable with 1Gb Ethernet standard and higher bandwidth options via PCIe cards

Linux and Windows support

Web based GUI management

0 .. +55°C operating temperature range, IP50

2 years warranty



Ordering Information


MaxCore IPC Chassis with Intel Xeon D-1521 (2.4GHz Quad Core)



AC Power supply for MC1000



Video processing card with Intel Xeon E3-1578Lv5



Video processing card with 2 Dual Core Intel Core i7-5350U CPUs



Video processing card with 4 Dual Core Intel Core i7-5650U CPUs



Media processing card with 12 Octasic 2224 DSPs



SSD storage card



I/O module with 4 SATA drive bays










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