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ADLINK Technology
ADLINK Technology Inc. specializes in embedded computing, test & measurement, industrial automation, and communication technology. ADLINK provides high quality long term solutions for telecom, transportation systems, and electronic manufacturing industries. ADLINK is ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and TL9000 certified and maintains its leadership position in quality by utilizing Six Sigma quality assurance.
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.


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ARBOR Technology Corp.
ARBOR Technology Corp. is a leading manufacturer of computing platforms and solutions with a wide range of embedded computing products engineered for operation in harsh environments and industrial use.
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan


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ARTESYN Embedded Technologies
ARTESYN Embedded Technologies is the world market leader in embedded computing with a product spectrum from motherboards up to complete high-availability system solutions. ARTESYN Embedded Technologies is inventor of the VMEbus technology and focuses on single board computers and systems based on MicroTCA, AdvancedMC, AdvancedTCA, CompactTCA, CompactPCI and VMEbus.
Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, USA



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Concurrent Technologies
Concurrent Technologies manufactures CompactPCI, VMEbus, AdvancedMC and PMC boards on Intel platform for applications in telecom, transport, aerospace, and military.
Headquartered in Colchester, United Kingdom



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esd electronic system design GmbH
esd develops and manufactures hardware and software for the automation industry. Special focus is given to custom-specific solutions. esd is a leading manufacturer of CAN modules and offers drivers, tools and applications for several Operating Systems.
Headquartered in Hannover, Germany



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Interface Concept
Interface Concept is a leading European manufacturer of communications boards for Telecoms, Datacoms, Industry, Transport and Defence applications. The focus of Interface Concept is on Ethernet switches, Communications interfaces and CPU boards.
Headquartered in Creach'Gwen, France



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IOxOS Technologies
IOxOS Technologies offers innovative solutions for high energy physics, transportation and aerospace. The product portfolio includes single-board computers for VME and MTCA.4 designs with high-performance Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGAs and fast ADCs/DACs as well as FMC modules.
Headquartered in Gland, Switzerland



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N.A.T. is specialized on high performance connectivity products for data and telecommunication solutions. The product range provides AMC, MicroTCA, VME, Compact PCI, PMC, PCI and others. Protocol stack solutions like ISDN, SS7, ATM or TCP/IP are adapted to common real time operating systems to build an optimal solution.
Headquartered in Bonn, Germany



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Portwell, Inc.
Portwell is a leading worldwide supplier of specialty computing application platforms and Industrial PC's.
Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan


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Renice Technology Co.
Renice Technology Co., Ltd. provide high-quality and reliable memory modules in standard and extended operating temperature range. The product range contains MLC and SLC SSDs (Solid State Drives), Cfast and CompactFlash.
Headquartered in Shenzhen, C


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SANBlaze Technology
SANBlaze Technology Inc. is the leading manufacturer of storage solutions for industrial bus systems as AdvancedMC, AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, and PMC.
Headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts, USA


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Pentair Technical Solutions GmbH
Pentiar is the leading manufacturer of 19" mechanics, backplanes, and power supplies for industrial bus systems as CompactPCI and VMEbus.
Headquartered in Straubenhardt, Germany


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SURF Communication Solutions
SURF Communication Solutions develops hardware and software products for voice and video transmitting applications with high port density in the telecom infrastructure, e.g. for media gateways or media server.
Headquartered in Yokne'am, Israel


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TEWS Technologies
TEWS is a leading manufacturer of components and systems for industrial automation. TEWS produces CompactPCI and VMEbus CPU boards and I/O controller, field bus controllers, IndustryPack, and PMC modules for a multitude of applications. All products are manufactured according to highest quality standards meeting ISO9001 and have 5 years warranty.
Headquartered in Halstenbek, Germany


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