MicroTCA.4 Basics: Training for Beginners


Overview of standards: ATCA, AMC, MicroTCA


MicroTCA Details: building blocks


Command line interface


Installing the data plane


DESY tools to control MicroTCA.4 systems in Tesla/XFEL


NATview visualisation tool for MicroTCA system: ports, AMC, RTM, backplane, sensors


Installation of Linux drivers for Struck- and TEWS AMC/RTM


Hands-On Sessions:


Enabling and using the management plane


Configuring the data plane


Backplane viewer, sensors, FRU-Editor


Operating the MicroTCA.4 system


Course Fee


Standard fee: 400,00 EUR


Student fee: 200,00 EUR






7. April - 8. April 2020
10:00 to 17:00

MicroTCA.4 Basics (english)

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MicroTCA.4 Advanced: Training for MicroTCA.4 Users, who have done MicroTCA.4 Beginners Training or have deep MicroTCA.4 knowledge


Short review of MicroTCA.4 basics


I2C and IPMI: hardware AMC and RTM, IPMI software


RMCP protocol


ipmitool and examples


PCIexpress: Enumeration


PCIexpress: Hot-plug support


MCH clock configuration, clock script file


Hands-On Sessions:


Comparing command line interface and ipmitool


PCIexpress with command line interface


PCIexpress with lspci


PCIexpress with PCIexpress GUI


PCIexpress Hot-plug with PCIexpress GUI from Desy


MCH clock configuration


Course Fee


Standard fee: 600,00 EUR


Student fee: 300,00 EUR






3. June - 4. June 2020
10:00 to 16:00

MicroTCA.4 Advanced (english)

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Supporting materials


Video tutorials MicroTCA workshop 2012


Video tutorials MicroTCA workshop 2011



Seminar Room 304, Building 3,

Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron,

Notkestraße 85,

22607 Hamburg


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