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We offer in-house training and lectures on selected topics for your assistance.

After 30 years, TEWS Technologies has to discontinue the IndustryPack modules and IndustryPack carrier cards due to component discontinuation. Please contact us for a replacement.


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You benefit from our experience in hundreds of industrial applications. We deliver computer systems in automation, research, medical technology, telecommunication, transportation, aero space and defence engineering since more than 25 years. We got the knowledge about the interaction with different products, protocols and industrial standards. And we fulfil perfectly all your EMC- and environmental requirements.
We offer in-house
training and lectures on selected topics for your assistance.




Flexible NVMe Storage Solutions

The IC-EM2-XMCa from Interface Concept and the TR MS7/600-RCS from Concurrent Technologies allow systems to be easily expanded with M.2 NVME SSD storage. The IC-EM2-XMCa XMC module can be mounted on carrier cards in systems with any embedded technology. The TR MS7/600-RCS Rugged VPX board offers storage up to 7.7 TB and -40°C .. +85°C conduction-cooled operating temperature range. The NVMe SSDs are front removable on both boards.




AdmancedMC RF Interface card for Software defined Radio

The NAT-AMC-ZYNQUP-SDR is a flexible software defined radio (SDR) platform with an unique combination of an all-programmable FPGA with integrated quadcore ARM® processor and an RF-front end from the latest Analog Devices family of RF devices. Offering either 4 or 8 RF interfaces, the NAT-AMC-ZYNQUP-SDR can be easily cascaded to larger systems, i.e. providing up 48 RF channels in a 2U 19” foot print. cont.




3U VPX CPU Board with 100GbE and developed in accordance with the SOSA Technical Standard

The Interface Concept IC-ARM-VPX3a is based on a QorIQ with 16 ARM Cotex-A72 cores and 32GB RAM. It offers 100/40/25/10Gigabit Ethernet and PCIe Gen3 interfaces as well as an M.2 slot. The IC-ARM-VPX3a is available with 6 different operating temperature ranges including 2 conduction-cooled versions. cont.




Rugged 3U VPX Artificial Intelligence Accelerator

The CONCURRENT Technologies TR AEx/3sd-RCx can significantly improve the performance of end applications by providing a dedicated solution for outsourcing complex neural network tasks for many algorithms. The board is based on an Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA and is supported by the Intel OpenVINO development kit. cont.




powerBridge Computer provides 5G Solutions

powerBridge Computer provides N.A.Ts Network in a Box System for Massive MIMO (MMIMO) networks and scalable phased antenna arrays, including multi-antenna transmission remote radio heads (RRH), that provides RF to baseband processing functionality in a compact, flexible system. cont.




2U 19” System Allows the Signal Processing of 48 GigE-Vision Cameras

powerBridge Computer Vision systems provide highly scalable machine vision platforms with 2, 4, 6, or 12 slots. They can be equipped with CPU modules with 2-port 10GbE interfaces, as well as 4- or 8-port GigE-Vision interfaces based on FPGAs. The compact design allows a significant increase in performance and cost reduction compared to conventional PC solutions, and provides parallel image and signal processing in a computer system. … cont.




High Performance Platform for Cyber Security

ADLINK Technology's new CSA-7400 high performance platform features high IO Density, modular design, high performance and high throughput. The CSA-7400 consists of four 4U systems with four dual Intel Xeon E5 processors and up to 160 cores. ADLINK's NIC design can increase processing speed by 10-15% or more, as it can transmit data to 2 CPUs simultaneously. The platform provides 1.2Tb/s total bandwidth. The front panel support up to 400G. cont.




VPX / OpenVPX for Technical Applications and Harsh Environments

Our new VPX brochure offers a perfect portfolio for VPX applications with a wide range of CPU’s from low power up to server grade VPX processor modules in all environmental grades. The brochure also shows our wide range of I/O functions like FMC, XMC, PMC and switches, and system enclosures. With our professional starter kits, board support packages, security software and VPX tools we enable you to create your individual solution for defence, air borne and other application with the best product and design support. … cont.



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