TPM1000W-AC  1000W Power Module for MTCA.4 Applications



TPM1000W-AC Power Module with N+1 Redundancy

Hot-swap Power Module with low Ripple and Noise
Telkoor's TPM1000W-AC is a 1000W AC power module providing management and low ripple and noise. The power module is designed for MTCA.4 compliant crates and systems. It provides functionality for powering, managing, and protecting a MicroTCA system that includes up to 12 AdvancedMCs, 2 MCHs, and 2 Cooling Units.


Product Specification

1000W MicroTCA Power Module

MTCA.4 Power Module, PICMG MTCA.4 compliant, double full size form factor


Hot-swap N+1 redundancy

16 channels of 12 V @ 7.6 A; 16 channels of 3.3 V @ 150 mA

Protection against overload, short circuit, over voltage, and over temperature

Max. 50mV ripple and noise (PP)

Max. load per channel at 12VDC: 80W/7.6A

Max. load per channel at 3.3VDC: 200 mA

Efficiency: 84 - 88%

Operating temperature range -5..+55C

Dimensions: 187.2 x  57.9 x 148.5 mm

2 years warranty



Ordering Information


1000W Power Module


Firmware V2.19




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